Friday, March 16, 2012

Corby Slap

A form of endearment confined to Kirkcudbright and its hinterland. First, a crow must be obtained, usually by netting, but occasionally by determined lovers crawling out on roofs and snatching the birds by their feet from crawstep gables.

Then the object of their affections is approached with the struggling crow concealed as efficiently as possible in a bag or beneath a long coat. Finally the 'corby slap' is administered: a blow to the head at the climax of which the irate bird is released in a single smooth motion.

This practice has been illegal for more than fifty years, but partially-sighted sweethearts, fondly stroking each other’s facial scars, can still be found tapping their way through Kirkcudbright’s streets and lanes.

(Note: Corby Slap is the name of a small lane off the High Street in Kirkcudbright.)

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